ADS2LIVE is a company with professionals who specialize in achievement of targeted results and marketing effectiveness. Our main goal is to provide results when it comes to highly profitable investments, which are applicable for every type of function. We use all available types traffic: mobile handphones, displays, social networks, e-mails, re-planning, etc. to reach this goal.

Purchase and utilization of these channels is not our only target; we also work closely with advertisers: from the beginning with monitoring, then strategy development and finally with the conversion processes, and the targeting of webpages and creative components. In addition, ADS2LIVE also satisfies clients’ demands by managing campaigns, dealing with branding (CPM, DCPM, CPC) based on campaign results (CPL, CPA, CPD, CPI) as well as with sales of sales-oriented campaigns.

CPM Adnetwork

Provides access to millions of ideas on a monthly basis and also cooperates with more than 400 advertisers and thousands of publishers. RTB technology is made available across all types of models.

CPA Network

Provides access to numerous companies around the world making is possible to create millions of monthly conversions. Reward for results: CPL, CPA and others.

Mobile Adnetwork

Provides access to millions of ideas every month and also collaborates with more than 400 advertisers and thousands of publishers. Orientation/mobile formats/RTB.

Permission Network

Offers access to the most suitable part of the market for clients using our extensive base of email marketing, which now includes more than 3,500,000 users.

Vertical Network

This type of advertisement supports the conversions of users during holidays, shopping etc. This is an exclusive way to start branding campaigns, which are also results based.

Additional Options to Improve Your Business

Personalized Media

The Personalized Media solutions we offer provide advertisers with the opportunity to overcome the episodic nature of the majority of digital displays and also connect with other customers on a one-to-one, on-going basis. We deliver diversified audience insights and come up with intelligent decision-making strategies to optimize sales results.


Our international solutions are able to provide advertisers with the required resources as well as the expertise required for expansion of their global presence, acquisition of new customers as well as reconsideration of their brand for improved international success.
We have more than 10 years of experience in global network and international markets with high quality affiliates. We are exploring new opportunities to expand globally, so that our advertisers are able to sell more internationally and generate higher revenue.

Partner Tracking

Our Partner Tracking solutions can provide advertisers with the tools they require for the management of a wide spectre of marketing partnerships based on revenue-share in the environment, which is private, branded and also secure, even outside of the current infrastructure of the affiliate network.

Optimization of Product Data Feed 

Our Optimization of Product Data Feed consists of solutions, which provide advertisers with a fully optimized affiliate marketing feed that is designed specifically to fit their specifications and can result in maximum use by different publishers.


Generate your campaigns on your own or with help of a manager who can control the campaigns for you.


Receive traffic from more than 177 countries.


Feel free to use the comfortable control panel to manage your campaign and receive users that you want.


Control your campaigns on your own or with help of a specialist.