Cookies are a small amount of data about users which are sent back to the website every time they link to it. They are installed via browsers and collect information how the site is utilized by particular users. They don’t identify their personality but rather remember the device which is used to connect to the site. They trace how users surf the internet, especially advertisements, and report their preferences. If you object to collecting such information about you, you may turn off the cookie function in your browser any time.

ADS2LIVE uses cookies to improve its functionality and productivity.
There are some kinds of cookies which help the site to work properly and they are recommended to use while some are optional and can be turned off without affecting the site usage.

To describe the cookies we apply, we will employ the classification established by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Category 1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

This category is designed to secure particular services which you request, the site features may not be displayed properly without them.

Category 2. Performance Cookies

The cookies falling to this category collect information about the way the visitors view the site. Their task is to improve the performance of the site and increase its effectiveness. They don’t identify visitors and analyze the usage from a particular device only.

Category 3. Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies inform about your choices and preferences and help to personify the site work according to particular request providing the most relevant information.

The cookies of the above mentioned three categories are important for improved site experience.

Category 4. Targeting/Advertising Cookies

The cookies of this category are intended to see and analyze the effectiveness of adverts which are positioned on our site from the authorized third party businesses which post their adverts on our behalf and with our consent. These are optional and can be switched off.

You can manage and select cookies from your browser in the corresponding settings and can make restrictions as to what kind of cookies can read information about the way you navigate the site.

To find out more what cookies are and to learn more about the ways to manage them, browse relevant sites describing this topic in detail.


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