ADS2LIVE handles the questions related to its customers’ privacy very seriously. Our privacy policy provisions establish the way we act to protect the confidentiality of our users.

1. Purposes to collect and use information about customers

ADS2LIVE may collect the data and information which you submit to the site and also your contact data which you leave for the site to reach you back. We also analyze your visits to understand what information is of utmost importance to you. This is done to personalize our service, to select and offer you information which responds to your interests in the best way. We utilize the following methods to communicate with our clients: email, regular letters, phone calls, SMS. We consider your preferences and provide you with related materials. Your personal data can be used to check and verify your billing and payments, marketing targets, auditing, health, legal and administrative issues, customer’s feedback, etc. We process the collected information to improve and develop our business and always thankful when you express your opinion and assist us to manage that.

2. Site tracking and monitoring

We monitor our customers’ visits of the site and analyze the traffic patterns. This is done for administrative and analytical reasons. We don’t have any software at our disposal to make captures of information though.

3. Personal data report

You may submit a request to get the personal data which we have about you. We handle your application and give our reply within ten business days. You may also request the record of phone calls unless they are deleted after 30 days’ period. For safety and confidentiality reasons, you will have to identify yourself. Contact us by email if you face any difficulties or need any specifications.

4. Data protection security

We utilize 128 bit encryption and comply with all effective laws to execute data protection and safety. If you demand any personal information from us you will have to prove that it belongs to you by identifying yourself. If we pass private information to third parties we check their ability to secure it. They must have at least the same level of safety to provide protection. We are obliged to pass your information on demands related to legal issues in compliance with the laws.

5. Cookies and pixels

We utilize cookies and pixels which can be downloaded from our browser for analytical purposes to understand the way how you use our site, if it works effectively and also if you receive and open emails from the site, if you get any emails by mistake, if you link to the site from the sent emails, what pages of the site you view most often, etc. We provide more detailed information on cookies we utilize in the corresponding provisions of our Cookies policy. You can manage cookies from your browser and thus select and clean them any time if you don’t want us to gather information about you with the help of cookies. We don’t share the information collected with the help of cookies and pixels with third parties and use it only for administrative and analytical reasons. Thus, we select what is interesting for you and improve our service by filtering out the information which will be of no interest to you.

6. Customer’s consent

Our customers agree with our privacy policy once they start using the site. If we alter our privacy policy we make the corresponding amendments to the provisions listed above. For any inquiries, contact us by email or in our pages at social media linked from our site and our staff will advise and assist. We appreciate your cooperation. Our legal address is Neuer Wall 80 20354 Hamburg Germany.


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