If you are a publisher, then you have a unique opportunity to start earn money immediately with help of our CPA and CPM Adnetwork advertisement networks. Don’t miss your chance to transform your web, mobile or mail traffic into real money with help of our global advertisement campaigns.

CPM Adnetwork

Our network is globally recognized and consists of direct publishers with multiple websites and applications, generating millions of ideas every month catering to a variety of needs for global companies around the world.

Technique improvement of ADS2LIVE for real-time bidding (RTB), together with sound accessories and our experience of media purchase, will allow us to maximize the profitability of our publisher's traffic, while gaining the highest eCPMs in the market.

The results achieved from using the CPM Adnetwork publisher will be controlled and studied by ADS2LIVE highly qualified specialists daily and will be used to continually improve campaigns to get the best results.

CPA Network

CPA Network publisher is our partnership network, which specializes in CPL, CPA, CPI and other campaigns. The money received by traffic coming from goods and services advertising from multiple of advertisers will result in multimillion conversions worldwide.

Our elite specialists will help you select the appropriate method, which is used in CPA Network Publisher.

You will also receive access to more than 2000 functioning campaigns from over than 40 countries.

Additional Options to Improve Your Business

We have also created new marketing opportunities based on high performance in order to assist all the publishers as well as advertisers to find new potential customers and generate higher conversion rates, which will result in additional commission revenue going straight to your pocket.

Lead Generation

Our solutions related to lead-generation can connect high-quality lead-generation publishers directly with advertisers who are interested in finding new potential customers.

Pay Per Call 

Our Pay Per Call solutions provide publishers with ability to promote their advertiser services and products using multiple distribution channels and trackable, unique numbers, which are toll-free.


Our international solutions supply publishers with the necessary resources as well as the expertise required to deal with global top-tier brands.


Generate your campaigns on your own or with help of a manager who can control the campaigns for you.


Receive traffic from more than 177 countries.


Feel free to use the comfortable control panel to manage your campaign and receive users that you want.


Control your campaigns on your own or with help of a specialist.