If you begin to use the ADS2LIVE.COM site, you confirm your agreement with all the aspects stated in the following provisions.

The stated terms of service may be altered or amended whenever ADS2LIVE.COM finds it appropriate without prior notifications to its users. Any consequent agreements shall be taken into consideration once they become effective as well.

ADS2LIVE privacy policy

To view our privacy policy details, link to the corresponding page on our site. We always care about the privacy of our customers and protect their private data with a particular zest.

ADS2LIVE copyright protection

All data and materials conveyed and enlisted at our site are under copyright protection.

This refers to its logo, graphic and text materials, website design, etc. Any kind of copying and borrowing the information from the site is illegal and shall face prosecution as stipulated by effective international and local laws unless our written permission is obtained. Beware, it should be issued before any information from our site is used. We approve the use of it for non-business targets only. Once you are given our consent, you may not change, distribute or misuse it in any way.

ADS2LIVE trademark protection

ADS2LIVE is a registered trademark and is protected by the corresponding laws. You may not copy any items including and referring to our trademark without our prior written permission. If we grant you our permission you may not use them for business aims. Trademark protection includes buttons, texts, graphics, any customized elements displayed on our site. Any attempts to violate or ignore the trademark protection regulation will be prosecuted. If we post other trademarks on our site we don’t protect them. However, they are subjected to protection by other sites.

ADS2LIVE linking terms

We permit creating links to our site unless it is done in a misleading or misusing way. The links which can be displayed on our site may direct to the sites of third entities. In this case we bear no responsibility for the information provided by them or any consequences resulting from visiting their sites.

Requirements for ADS2LIVE.COM users

We require that our users behave decently while visiting our site. This implies that they do not make any attempts to break the site security, follow the established restrictions, do not to offend other users in any way, do not make any damage or disruption to the site server, systems and networks. Starting to use our site conveys your intention to agree with the provisions listed in our Terms of service. You realize that ADS2LIVE.COM point of view may not coincide with the point of view of businesses advertised on it and posting their adverts we don’t confirm the quality of the goods and services they provide.

Cases of Trademark or Copyright disputes

We comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and strictly follow its requirements. In case any copyright or trademark issues when you think that any violation of these requirements takes place, please contact us and communicate it at info@ads2live.com whenever you find it convenient for you. Our legal address is Neuer Wall 80 20354 Hamburg Germany. You may leave your message in the special field. State your issue in detail, prove the ownership of trademark or copyright, refer the reason you are authorized to submit the complaint and leave your contact details to reach you back.

Indemnification provisions

In case your conduct insults ADS2LIVE or your improper conduct with any reference to our site results in any claims or complaints of the third parties we shall not be responsible for that and our customers who misconduct either intentionally or unintentionally will be guilty of that and will endure the punishment and on their own. We shall remain blameless.

Customer’s submitted materials

Once you submit any information to our site, you authorize us to process it as we find it appropriate. We do not secure the complete confidentiality of any materials or ideas you choose to share on the site and we may have them at our disposal.

ADS2LIVE warranty disclaimer

We do not guarantee the quality of the goods and services advertised on our site. Whenever you follow the links to external sites, you do that at your own risk. We disclaim our responsibility for any computer failures and breakdowns (software and hardware issues, loss of data, viruses, errors, etc) which occur when you access other sites. By posting adverts of external businesses we do not convey our agreement or approval of the information they submit.

Access termination

If ADS2LIVE discovers any improper conduct of its customers their access to the site or using the services shall be restricted or denied. The customers with restricted access may discontinue the usage of the site services anytime at their own discretion.

Exceptions to the current Terms of Service

In case any violation of effective laws in the current Terms of Service is found, the necessary amendments will be made, those statements will be removed and compliance to the law will be restored.


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