100% Self-Service

Create your own advertising campaigns with help of a user-friendly, self-service interface which was developed based on client feedback. Cater your campaigns to reach your target audience, come up with your own CPM bid, and modify your campaigns to achieve optimum ad performance.

Who are we?

We represent a multiplatform company, which sells traffic and creates advertisement campaigns, and more…

Targeting with precision

Find your target audience anywhere and anytime they are using their devices. Select from PC, mobile and tablet traffic, while constructing your campaign via our self-service interface. Include GEO-targeting, time-targeting, ISP targeting, ad frequency capping, keyword targeting and other options in order to achieve impressions with high precision.


More than 1 billion views per day providing numerous options such as: display, video, parental content and mobile content for large audiences.


The use of mobile advertisement units to increase your campaign’s profitability; offering a large selection of advertisement choices including standard banners and rotating JS scripts for pop-unders.


The generation, purchase and evaluation of your media campaign by an experienced support team; application of diversified program-type campaigns, including CPM, CPA, CPC and an index of consumer prices.


Use our service for trading, analysis and optimization of ad marketing for practically any product. We can assist you with to effectively carrying out marketing balance and resolving issues promptly.


Our campaigns can cater to worldwide brands. This is a massive undertaking and we offer a high-quality mobile inventory of a large scale services. Take look at how our partners can increase the value of your campaigns by using targeting and applying analytical solutions.


Improve your business with us. As an experienced advertiser, we know that you are looking for a perfect way of advertising your goods and services for internet users across the globe.
ADS2LIVE is an independent ad platform, which provides the simplest and clearest solutions for instant business improvement.


Generate your campaigns on your own or with help of a manager who can control the campaigns for you.


Receive traffic from more than 177 countries.


Feel free to use the comfortable control panel to manage your campaign and receive users that you want.


Control your campaigns on your own or with help of a specialist.